Discover Paros Island: Cities (Paroikia, Naoussa) culture, gastronomy, nightlife and sports

Paros island, is situated in the Aegean Sea and is considered among the best known of the Cyclades islands. With the beautiful colors of the traditional white and blue houses and the golden sandy beaches. Paros island perfectly represents the typical Greek landscape.

The breathtaking beauties of the wild land together with the history and culture creates a unique destination where the feeling of an earlier era is still alive. An open path that forces the visitors to walk along the ancient Byzantine and cobbled routs.

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Visit Paros Island and cities Paroikia and Naoussa

Paroikia is the capital city and the major port of the island. In this city you can can admire the Basilica of the Katapoliani Madonna, in Byzantine style. Naoussa is the fishing cosmopolitan village with the amazing view, where the houses are white and you can stroll around in cobble-stoned streets.

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Paros island is well known for its high quality marble, but the region is also famous for its historical, cultural and architectural attractions: the Mycenaean acropolis of Kolymbithres, the Archaeological Museum, the Ekatontapyliani church of Paroikia, the Venetian castle and the traditional Museum of Parikia.

Ekatontapyliani church Paroikia Paros Island

We would be glad to provide you all the information you need in order to better organize your visits and walks around our beautiful island.

Cuisine and night life

Paros island is extremely popular among the wine lovers, our island offers a great variety of winery products. Its famous wine cellars are the best choice if you want to taste a good glass of wine.

Paros island is well known for its gastronomy tradition. You can taste traditional delicious dishes, cooked only with local products. Great variety of restaurants are at your disposal on the seafront or in the countryside.

The island offers a extremely lively night life and during the summer the island becomes crowded, populated by young people. When the sun comes down, you can discover cocktail bars and clubs, for a very fun evening.

Sport (Windsurf in Paros island)

There are many sporting activities that you can practice on the island. The most popular are water sports such as surf, windsurf, kite surf, snorkeling and diving. Will be our pleasure to help you choose the best facility to have fun in complete safety environment.

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